Colors Of The Mind #14

What Are You Waiting For

Make Life Worth Living #MLWL is a campaign whose is goal is to explore and spark conversation about issues concerning mental health, through art.

Brit Nicole has a song entitled ‘walk on the water.’ In the song, she addresses the issue of doubt and fear when making important and life changing decisions.

I 100% relate to every word of the song and each time I listen to it; I’m reminded of decisions that I’m too scared or ashamed, or whatever the reason, to make. You know that feeling, right? Is this going to work out? Will my plan succeed? Is it really worth it? Have I really considered and calculated all the risks involved with this move?

Truth is its normal to shrink back a bit each time you’re about to make important life decisions. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. Come to think of it, it’s such kind of ‘shrinks’ that every now and then save us from making the wrong calls when we realize something is not in place upon re-examination. A problem arises however when we let this reflex action stop us from living. Often times we must fight the feeling of drawing back and live anyway.

Taking the first step is hard. It’s like jumping over a cliff of nothing but darkness. A leap into darkness. Doubt is understandable, even justifiable at times but it can and must be overcome. In her song, Brit says ‘but if you take the first step into the unknown, He won’t let you fall.’ Trust in the hand that sees the end from the beginning. He’s got you. Take the step.

Peter learnt the hard way. Christ had sent his disciples ahead of him by sea and as the night settled in, a storm followed through. The disciples, well, good old scary disciples, they did what they knew best then, SCARED to death! As if the storm wasn’t reason enough for their fear, a figure was coming towards them. And it seemed to be walking on water! Either that or it was floating in thin air, of which none of the explanations would have been any less frightening.

I don’t know about you but I have never liked and will never ever like ghost stories! My sister Thoko loved to tell us a story each time the lights went out when we were little. She said a young boy named peter loved to eat liver so much. Her mum prepares liver the other day and he just can’t wait till supper so he sneaks into the kitchen and steals a few pieces without being seen. After supper, he heads to bed and just when the lights are out and he has just begun to sleep, he hears a voice. “Ooooh peter!! I want my liver back!” it’s the voice of his long dead grandma! The voice gets louder and louder and closer to peter; ‘ooooh peter!! I want my liver back!’ just at this point in her storytelling, my sister would grab me by the leg unexpectedly and I would scream my lungs out! ’Peter! Wake up! You will be late for school.” And she would end the story in laughter.

Anyway, point is I don’t like ghost stories so I can imagine what was going on in these guys’ minds. But the figure begins to speak and introduces itself. ‘fear not, it is I, Jesus” it says.

Long story short, Peter asks for an interesting favor. By then it’s settled he is walking on water not floating in air so he asks to join Jesus in this extraordinary act.

Now remember it was dark at night and there was a storm raging on this sea. But Christ grants the wish. And peter gets out of the boat, the other disciples’ eyes fixed on him.

Peter takes the first step and indeed he too is walking on water. As long as his eyes are fixed on the open arms of Jesus, he can take all the steps he wants. But we all know how the story ends don’t we? He looses focus. His eyes turn to the waves of the sea and the thunder and lightning and he begins to be afraid. And he starts to sink!

Friends, I encourage you to take that first step today like peter did. But the key is don’t take your eyes off Jesus! Let his voice guide your every step. He won’t mislead you or let you sink!

One thing I love about this story is peter’s reaction. He could have said anything but he simply cried ‘Lord, save me!’ So if you take or have taken the step and you feel like your drowning, remember the same Christ who called you to the waters is standing next to you. Just call on him and he will save you.

So what are you waiting for? You want to pursue a dream? Some goal? A career maybe? You want to get on a slimming program and change the way you look? Start some business? Whatever it is! What are you waiting for? Take that first step! Your faith is all it takes and you can walk on the water too.


Author: Lovemore Mzati Nkhalmba is an upcoming researcher by profession and lover of all things creative; from poems to mosaics. You can find more of his musings at



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